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Worldflight 2016

SIM737 Hobart

"It's an entirely different kind of flying, altogether"

We're back again this year to help raise money for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. As pilot's ourselves, we've witnessed the huge expanse of our great country and can see the huge impact that aviation and the RFDS has on people lives.

Flight Crew

"Can you fly this plane and land it?"


Alex is currently completing his flight training for his PPL. He flies regularly in a Brisbane B737 full flight simulator.


Ben pushes tin for a living. He enjoys bossing pilot's around and occasionally going for a flight with his CPL.


Greg is a recent PPL holder, Director of VATPAC (Oceania Division of VATSIM) and long-time VeeOz Virtual flight crew.


Kurt holds an RPL with just about every single endorsement under-the-sun.


Rob is the owner/operator of Sim737. Everthing we get to play with is his hard work. Rob also runs an IT business.


Nathan is a fresh year 12 graduate, keen flight simmer and pilot-in-training.


Sean holds a TMA rating, soon to be a C1 this WorldFlight (hopefully....)


Zach holds a CPL and MECIR. He currently doesn't have a job as a pilot but is always looking.


"There is no reason to become alarmed. By the way, does anyone on board know how to fly a plane?"

Currently at FLxxx travelling at xxx KM/H from XXXX to XXXX.

Flt Day Dep STD (AEDT) STA (AEDT) Arr Status
1601SunYSSY - Sydney, Australia09:3012:50NZQNScheduled
1602SunNZQN - Queenstown13:3515:35NZAAScheduled
1603SunNZAA - Auckland16:1020:40NSFAScheduled
1604SunNSFA - Apia21:2003:05PHKOScheduled
1605MonPHKO - Kailua Kona03:5009:40KSEAScheduled
1606MonKSEA - Seattle10:2512:45PAJNScheduled
1607MonPAJN - Juneau13:2516:05CYODScheduled
1608MonCYOD - Cold Lake17:3520:00KDLHScheduled
1609MonKDLH - Duluth20:5000:05CYYZScheduled
1610TueCYYZ - Toronto01:1502:40KLGAScheduled
1611TueKLGA - New York03:2006:10KCHSScheduled
1612TueKCHS - Charleston07:1008:50KSRQScheduled
1613TueKSRQ - Sarasota09:3010:30KMIAScheduled
1614TueKMIA - Miami11:2513:35MDSDScheduled
1615TueMDSD - Santo Domingo14:2516:30TBPBScheduled
1616TueTBPB - Bridgetown17:3019:40SOCAScheduled
1617TueSOCA - Soca-Cayenne20:3023:50SBNTScheduled
1618WedSBNT - Natal00:4504:45GVACScheduled
1619WedGVAC - Palmeira05:3507:55GCTSScheduled
1620WedGCTS - Tenerife South08:4512:45EGKKScheduled
1621WedEGKK - London13:3015:10EDDMScheduled
1622WedEDDM - Munich15:5517:30LYTVScheduled
1623WedLYTV - Tivat21:0022:35LTBAScheduled
1624WedLTBA - Istanbul, Turkey23:1502:15OIIIScheduled
1625ThuOIII - Tehran03:0505:05OMDBScheduled
1626ThuOMDB - Dubai05:5508:50VABBScheduled
1627ThuVABB - Mumbai09:3011:55VCBIScheduled
1628ThuVCBI - Colombo, Sri Lanka12:4516:10VIDPScheduled
1629ThuVIDP - Delhi17:0018:30VNKTScheduled
1630ThuVNKT - Kathmandu19:3020:50VGHSScheduled
1631ThuVGHS - Dhaka21:3000:30ZUUUScheduled
1632FriZUUU - Chengdu01:3003:55ZBAAScheduled
1633FriZBAA - Beijing04:3506:15RKSIScheduled
1634FriRKSI - Seoul07:1508:50RJBBScheduled
1635FriRJBB - Osaka09:3012:05RCTPScheduled
1636FriRCTP - Taipei13:3515:05VHHHScheduled
1637FriVHHH - Hong Kong15:5517:35VVTSScheduled
1638FriVVTS - HoChiMinh City18:3020:25WSSSScheduled
1639FriWSSS - Singapore21:1023:25WBKKScheduled
1640SatWBKK - Kota Kinabalu00:0502:35WADDScheduled
1641SatWADD - Denpasar03:2507:15YBASScheduled
1642SatYBAS - Alice Springs08:1011:00YMMLScheduled
1643SatYMML - Melbourne, Australia11:5513:15YMHBScheduled
1644SatYMHB - Hobart, Australia14:0016:20YSCBScheduled
1645SatYSCB - Canberra18:2019:35YSSYScheduled


Joining us are a bunch of like-minded individuals from all around the world! Pretty crazy right?!